Codes of Contact (2020-2022) initiative is an incubator for arts and cultural organizations engaged in presenting and programming creative work. As organizations deploy technologies and digital strategies, it is imperative to make those experiences accessible, inclusive, and engaging. The two-and-a-half-year program initiated conversation, shared resources, and distributed micro-grant funding for organizations to explore the implementation and impact of digital technologies, strategies, and protocols on the presentation of artistic and cultural productions.
This document presents data and information amassed over the duration of the program and also synthesizes them with a look at other initiatives currently existing in the arts ecosystem. There are shared ideas and diverging attitudes around digital transformation, and reflect a wide range of challenges faced by festivals, artist-run centres, and community arts organizations of varying sizes and scale. We present this work to contribute shared, accessible language around digital presentation through a social justice lens for anybody interested in implementing better methodologies of their own.