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Emmie Tsumura is a multidisciplinary artist and designer. She positions her work where politics meets the every day, and advocates for more accessible, inclusive, and joyful communities through justice-oriented design strategies. She holds a masters in design from York University, with current area of research focusing on chaos, absurdity, and the occult.

Jasmine Gui is a Singaporean-born interdisciplinary artist, arts programmer, and researcher based in Tkaronto (Toronto). She works in paper, ceramics, tea and experimental book formats through an interdisciplinary arts and publishing space, Teh Studio. She is 1/4 of "a momo room" zine, and 1/2 of the creative duo, jabs.
Charisse Fung (she/they) is a Hongkongnese Canadian sometimes-curator/artist/archivist existing in Tkaronto, Canada. Their devotion to meaningful connection and collaboration is reflected in projects centering storytelling, visibility, and kinship. She’s currently just doing her best.